Paper Packaging

Molded – We mold paper pulp out of recycled reprocessed paper fiber for an environmentally conscious packaging approach that provides excellent product protection. Recent industry improvements in mold production have improved the affordability and speed to market for this rapid growing medium.

Solid Fiber – from printed card stock to packaging partitions, “chip board” is a CSI solution. This renewable recyclable packaging medium lends itself well to printing and is a rigid, space saving, protective commodity that may be the perfect alternative to bulky and expensive corrugated products.

Corrugated – From aesthetically printed F-Flute to Industrial Grade Triple Wall products, let us design your container. State of the art graphics capabilities can change your brown carton from a shipping container to an advertising tool. Our Triple Wall corrugated and Honeycomb paper products will assure that your heavy loads are protected while en route to your target market isolated from contamination during long term storage.

We offer a wide range of engineering and design services for your specific corrugated packaging needs.